Why I Hate Science Class is a short story in the book A Lot More Tales To Give You Goosebumps. It was adapted into an episode of Goosebumps.

Full StoryEdit

I was a little upset about going to a new school. Things were going really great at first. I met some nice kids in homeroom and really liked my new teacher. But things started to get a little odd when I went to Science class. Maybe it was the creepy painting hanging on the wall, or the toad in a cage in the back of the room. Things started to get really strange when we did the experiment. Mr. VonSummers hurried to the front of the room and said we were going to do a cool experiment. Looking like a professional scientist, he mixed some lighter fluid with orange juice in a big tube, threw in a little hamster hair, and some quarters. Then he made us all say, "Alaka-Dakabra-Zam!" All of a sudden, the classroom filled up with gas and smelled like a flower. The mixture turned purple and started to spill out of the tube. As I watched in horror, the mixture started bubbling. Pretty soon it was all over the floor and moving toward me! Didn’t anyone else notice how quickly it was growing? Why weren’t they freaked out? How could we escape? I was about to stand up and scream when our teacher yelled, "No More Grow More". The stuff disappeared. "Oh My Gosh!," I shouted. Everyone looked at me and started to gasp. That’s when I noticed the fur on my arm and my face. I turned to look at my reflection in the window and heard my teacher laughing. I was no longer human. It seemed as if I was the experiment...

TV Episode TriviaEdit

The episode was different from the story in many ways.

  • The science teacher's name is changed from Mr. VonSommers to Mr. Sawstorm
  • The magic words are changed from "Alaka-Dakabra-Zam!" to "Hocusie Pocusie!"