The Night She Came and The NIght She Came Home Edit


Halloween nights in the neighborhoods. Of fifteen million years ago. Leia the Doll is back again. Leia the doll could murder the first girl name Emily in her room and she is asleep. Leia the doll went downstairs to murder someone else. Her dad takes off her ghost costume and she could go to jail for few hours. Leia the Doll escape from jail for the nights. The three girls went someone else's house to go have a free time. Leia the doll murdered the second girl name Emma. And then Leia the Doll murdered the final girl name Jessica and she is taking a shower. Leia wants to murder the last girl name Melody she is brave girl to run away from the doll. Melody calls her on the phone and the FBI Agents shoot Leia the doll on her heart and she is dead now. Melody came here to rescue Emma and Jessica and she saves the girl and they want to go back home to watch a scary movie.






FBI Agent 1

FBI Agent 2

Leia the Doll