Sticks & Stones Will Break Your Bones is the 1st book in The Goosebumps Slaughter Street series. It is written by Arzaan Mazhar.

Plot Edit

Jane wants to be a writer but her step-mother is very bitchy. Her big brother, Ian always bullies her.

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Chapter 1, Page 1 Edit

"It was a cold winter night. The breeze was... umm... uhh..." Jane thought as she typed. Her step-mother walked into the room. Jane hated her step-mother. She was so bossy and mean to her. Jane's step-brother, Ian keeps on bullying her and breaking her stuff, like just yesterday he broke Jane's cupboard where she kept her books, electronics, letters & toys. "Go to bed" Jane's step-mother (Jules) said to Jane. "It's 4:25 PM!" said Jane to Jules. "I don't care! Either sleep now or go down to the cellar and clean-up that mess!" snapped Jules. "Now... what's your choice?" "I'd rather eat my own face then do your dirty work." barked Jane. Jane had blond hair, slender arms & a weirdly shaped nose. Her best-friend recently moved away, so she was more angry than usual. She also had a hard time making friends.

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Goosebumps Slaughter Street First Book Cover Draft