Revenge R Us


Gerald is preparing for his sister's birthday. Katie opens the gift and she gets the new doll and her doll name is Leia. Leia the Doll. The Toys R Us has been closed for a few hours. The Revenge R Us is opening on October 6, 2014. The big brother named Gerald he is the brother now. And her Little sister named Katie she is the sister now. Gerald and Katie went for a walk and they went to Revenge R Us to get the toys. Katie wants the doll and her name is Leia. She is the cute doll. But Gerald doesn't want a doll. Katie is changing Leia cute to evil. But she is evil now. Leia can tell the toys to stop Gerald. Just like Katie is a villain now. Gerald went back home to tell mom and dad Katie and Leia the evil doll is a villain. When his mom and dad and Gerald finds out to stop the evil toys. Mom and dad stop Katie And her evil doll. Dad change Leia evil to cute. Mom and Dad tells Katie your grounded and she wants to go to her room. Gerald tells Katie your sorry for your own good. She change Leia the doll to human and she's back and Leia tells Katie and Gerald to go to school to learn the English.




Leia the Doll

Leia the Human