Happy Holidays From Dead House


Christmas surprises aren't always happy.


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Happy Holidays From Dead House' is the 3rd book in the Goosebumps Gold series. The cover shows Christmas decorations on Dead House with the wreath and the mail chute resembling a skull. The tag-line on the back of the book was "Christmas suprises aren't always happy.


16-year old Lanny and her family moves to a new house at dark falls during Xmas. They set in comfortably. The next day Lanny's parents go out to buy some extra furniture. Suddenly she gets a phone call warning her that she has to get out of this house and "the children have come back".She cuts the line thinking it's a stranger. When her parents come back at the dead of night, Lanny narrates the whole event and that she cut the line. To their surprise, the lights go off.They light a candle in the basement and sleep there. Lanny wakes up and explores the basement when she suddenly finds the diary of a boy who used to live here(Josh Benson). She becomes horrified to find out this place is haunted by ghosts of children who take blood once every year as she read the diary. Suddenly a group of children arrive at the basement and tells that they want Lanny's blood and her parents blood too. Frightened, Lanny alerts her parents, who wake up and scream. They run to the living room but discover that these ghosts can run in inhuman speed. Lanny suddenly recovers the key from the sink in the kitchen and somehow does manage to open the door. They get out of the house and Lanny promises herself that she'll never come back to this house again. The story ends with Lanny saying "Oh no!" as she remembers that she forgot the luggage back at the house and this leaves the ending incomplete.