Goosebumps Graphix is a series of comic book adaptions of the Goosebumps books. These are my Goosebumps Graphix.

#1: Evil ItemsEdit

Say Cheese and Die!Edit

Based off of the classic Goosebumps book, an evil camera shows misfortunes that are about to come to who ever you take a picture of with it.

The Haunted MaskEdit

Based off of the classic Goosebumps book, Carly Beth wants a mask scary enough to scare two bullies. Well, she does find one... but it's TOO scary!

The Cuckoo Clock of DoomEdit

Based off of the classic Goosebumps book, Michael Webster' s bratty little sister Tara is always getting him into trouble. Then Mr. Webster brings home an antique cuckoo clock. Someone placed a powerful spell upon the clock. And now, Michael's life will never be the same again...

#2: Hot-Spots Of HorrorEdit

Ghost CampEdit

Welcome to Dead HouseEdit

The Haunted School Edit

Based off of the 59th book of the original GB series a new student named Tommy Frazer moves to a small town and uncovers a terrifying hidden world right behind the very walls of his school......

#3: Angry AnimalsEdit

Chicken, ChickenEdit

Farm girl Crystal and Her brother cole are out of luck when VAnessa appears.Niow they lives will change forever...

The Barking GhostEdit

Based on thje 32nd book in the orinag; GB series,a boy ucnovers a secret which may kill him (thus landing in the midst of a frightening adventure involving a ghost and a girl who warns him...a lot.

Bad Hare DayEdit

Tim and his sis Ginny find a letter,ending with-"Stay away from the magician."But what happens next when Tim discovers that the case gthey find is crused....?

#4: Fearsome Foes Edit

The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb Edit

Phantom of the Auditorium Edit

The Beast from the East Edit

#5: Macabre Mementos Edit

Monster Blood Edit

How I Got My Shrunken Head Edit

Werewolf Skin Edit

#6: Thrilling Tales Edit

The Ghost Next Door Edit

How to Kill a Monster Edit

Cry of the Cat Edit