Goosebumps IV: Scareful What You Wish For is a horror thriller story by Nightclaw 6000 which was written in 2017. It is dealt with a spree of evil dummies in a house and a good dummy must stop them before they invade the entire town. The project didn't come into complete fruition, although was the basis for a horror series Goosebumps: The Nights of Horrors a few months later. The cover shows Slappy in a armchair; he appears to be angry. His paternal great-nephew Buddy is behind him. Buddy has a fierce look.

Synopsis Edit

Buddy the dummy's father makes horror movies. His dad was the nephew of Slappy the Dummy and soon Buddy became an orphan dummy. But when three other ventriloquist dummies- Slappy and his twins Mr. Wood and Snappy- occur and join the house, things get really creepy. Slappy, Mr, Wood, and Snappy can walk and talk on their own. And they can make you a scream on their own. They have a plan to make Buddy evil. Will Buddy be able to stop his teribble threesome uncles?

Plot Edit

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Future Edit

The story was planned to be part of a trilogy, with a sequel titled Goosebumps V: My Name is Death to be written shortly after. Despite the project never happening, it did lead inspiration for a new Nightclaw 6000 dummy series titled Goosebumps: The Nights of Horrors.