Goosebumps Fright Camp (hey, if they can do Goosebumps HorrorLand, they could do this!) is a book series. It started out with books based off classic Goosebumps books (for example: You Still Can't Scare Me!) but soon came up with its own stories (for example: Robin Layed An Egg). Either way, the protagonists of all stories always mysteriously got invitations to Fright Camp (from the Goosebumps Series 2000 book of the same name). Each book was released the same date as the "Goosebumps: Killer Klassics" books, as they were "based off that book".


Goosebumps Fright CampEdit

Title: Plot: "Killer Klassic" Book:
The Haunted Mask Strikes Back Billy Later, an straight A student a school, wants to find a scary mask so he can get revenge on the bullies without them knowing its him. He puts on one really creepy-mask, but it transforms him into a horrible monster! He seems to have gotten rid of the mask, but when he gets an invitation to Fright Camp, it somehow follows him there!

The Haunted Mask

You Still Can't Scare Me! Triplets, Jenny, Carlos, and Tommy, visit a creek for the summer that is rumored to be haunted or something. But, being pretty much fearless, they don't care. But when three men, with really tan yet dirty (almost muddy) skin, mud smeered all over there clothes, and ghost-like faces starts stalking them, they decide to visit Fright Camp, a new summer camp, to get away from these creeps for the rest of the summer. But soon they learn Fright Camp isn't that great, either! You Can't Scare Me!

HorrorLand Vs. Fright Camp

Two kids, Jake and Mary, finally get back from a horrible trip at HorrorLand, but are invited to another, almost WORSE, place... Fright Camp! But the Horrors are not amused that there with the competition..... One Day At HorrorLand
Fight of the Living Dummy! Mikes Got a New Dummy but he learns this is no ordinary dummy....Soon he fights the dummy Mike soon knows he will loose he defeats slappy but knowing he will come back But things get worse soon he decides to go to Fright Camp Things soon get worse! Night of the Living Dummy
Professor Nutcase Fright Camp
The Revenge of the Shrunken Head Mark Returns to the Jungle to see his Aunt Bena soon he figures out hes got forest magic and his shrunken head but hes got more things to worry about now! Slappy the Dummy is there can Mark defeat Slappy soon he Goes to Fright Camp things soon get worse! How I Got My Shrunken Head
Robin Layed An Egg Joes cat Layed a egg so unusal so wrong soon his cat died but now Peter has more problems about cat! soon he goes to fright camp With is more like fight camp! Cry of the Cat
Welcome To Fever Swamp! Jack Goes to fever swamp but to much werewolfs are being seen can Jack survive his nightmare? soon Jack has more bad luck he shouldent have went to fright camp! Werewolf of Fever Swamp
ChillerTown Abby hates this new town but she soon learns shes right!She goes to fright camp but it how did the creeps follow her? Calling All Creeps!
I Have Super-Powers Even loves making storys he finds a old type writer he soon learns all he types is coming TRUE! he goes to fright camp but how did the type writer follow him? The Blob That Ate Everyone
Escape From Fright Camp Luke and Lizzy think they will be save in Fright camp But there Wrong! Escape Horrorland
Welcome To Fright Camp!: A Survival Guide A bonus book. It includes a map of/tips on how to survive in Fright Camp. N/A
I Still live in your basment! Billy finds a blob in his basement he searches for more but he teleports to Fright Camp! Stay Out Of The Basement
Another Evil Twin!

Jake just got cloned can he defeat him!

soon he goes to fright camp to SEE A BUNCH OF EVIL TWINS!

I Am Your Evil Twin!
Go Fish! Aliens hate humans!so they teleport joe into time can he escape? soon he finds a portal it makes time that he went to fright camp! Earth Geeks Must Go!
We Wish You A Scary Christmas Maya just moved to dark falls on chrimas she hates her house its all broken! Shes going to have holidays with the Dead! soon she goes to fright camp it turns out it gets worse! Happy Holidays From Dead House
A Nightmare on Elm Tree The makers of shocker on shocker street have made a new movie Zane better survive this! He goes to fright camp he soon sees its badder then he expected! A Shocker on Shock Street
Return to Fright Camp Luke and Lizzy Morris come to Fright camp with News reporters to show the dangers of fright camp! Return to HorrorLand
A night at Camp Cold Lake! Eddie fell of the trailer on a trip a camp cold lake staff finds him soon he noticed camp cold lake is Fright camp!

The Curse of Camp Cold Lake

Tales from the Fright Camp!Edit

Title: Plot: "Killer Klassics" Book:
The Hamster's Bite After there hamster, Nibbles, dies, Bella and Tony, two pre-teen kids, decided to buy a new hamster, Nibbles II. But they don't get off to a good start when Nibbles II's surprisingly sharp teeth chomp Bella's finger! There's something evil about that hamster. They just know it... Monster Blood
The Shrinking Boy When Jacob's science project backfires, he wakes up in a giant room the size of a kingdom. But things keep getting bigger.... and bigger... and bigger! But really. he keeps getting smaller... and smaller... and smaller! Can he get back to normal before he becomes so tiny he disappears? Deep Trouble
Trick or Treat? When a group of four friends stumble upon four different halloween costumes and put them on, they end up transforming into what there dressed up as! Can a telephone booth, a toothbrush, a spider, and a zombie doctor find a way to pry off the haunted cosutme before this Halloween "trick" gets too out of control? The Barking Ghost

Playground of the Undead

Jack moved to Dark falls he goes to the playground to see dead kids walking can he convince his mom and dad to move? Welcome to Dead House
My New Laptop N/A
The Best Party Ever! Thomas Lucas, a popular kid, throws a Christmas pary, everything's fine, but an ancient curse makes this pary go on forever, and ever, and ever.... N/A