Goosebumps is a 2015 Children Horror Comedy Television Show which is a remake of the 90s television show with the same name. It will be aired on Cartoon Network and Boomerang. But unlike the original TV series this series has different ghosts and monsters instead of copying the books and the main characters are a group of pre teen ghost detectives and the main characters are 8 children who are ghost detectives. The film stars Griffin Gluck, Danielle Parker, G Hannelius, Kwesi Boakye, Bridger Palmer, Max Charles, and Peyton List.

Trivia Edit

  • The Show is Based on The 2015 Film
  • The Theme Song is the Same Song From The Original Television Show

The Main Cast Edit

Griffin Gluck as Tommy Jacobs - The main protagonist of the series. Brady is a local resident of Oak City, Maine and moves in a small quiet suburban neighborhood with his sister and 5 other children who are all ghost solving detectives and lives next door to a young girl who he has a crush on named Jill Morgan who is a part of the ghost solving group. When Tommy moves into then neighborhood and joins the ghost solving group with his sister. They have been hearing about ghostly figures haunting the night but it is up to all of them to solve the mysteries in order to keep Oak City a nice place to visit.

Danielle Parker as Sara Jacobs - She is the younger sister of Tommy Jacobs who participates in her older brother and his friend's activities of ghost hunting and she is very fearless and brave but carries a little bit of a cowardly demeanor when it comes to being haunted by ghosts. Sara is very kind and friendly blonde haired 9 year old girl towards her brother and Tommy is very protective about his sister and she is kind of annoyed that he baby's her.

G Hannelius as Jill Morgan - The main deuteragonist of the series. Jill is a young and pretty blonde haired middle school girl who is a part of the ghost hunting detective agency and the love interest of Tommy Jacobs and best friends with Tina Wilson. Jill has a girly personality and wears stuff like skirts and comes from a very wealthy family. Jill becomes the girlfriend of Tommy closer at the end of season 1. Jill and neighborhood friends usually go camping out in the woods telling ghost stories but the ghost stories and legends are coming true by haunting the city of Oak City, Maine.

Kwesi Bokye as Devan Harrison - The main tritagonist of the series. Devan is a fun spirited and friendly pre teen who is best friends with Tommy Jacobs and sticks up for Tommy from bullies and people that bother him. Devan is a part of the ghost hunting detective agency with the other neighborhood kids and has loved paranormal entities and horror films ever since he was younger and he also is interested in sports at times. Devan is very popular at his school and he made his new best friend Tommy very popular by hanging out with him and shows him how to fit in with the other cool kids but he mostly is obsessed with ghosts.

Bridger Palmer as Billy Smith - He is a middle school student and is the brains of the ghost hunting detective agency and always finds out where the ghosts and monsters are by tracking it down on his computer. Billy loves mathematics, science, history, and physic industry and always gets bullied at his school for being smart and not fitting in with the other popular students but his friends stick up for him and tries to make him popular and cool.

Max Charles as Danny Smith - He is the 9 year old brother of Billy Smith and is the youngest member of the ghost hunting detective agency. Danny is an adorable and humorous little boy who is a coward in hunting for ghosts but his only dream is to look for one so he can prove to everyone that monsters and ghosts are real but his classmates and everyone he knows doesn't believe in spirits and creatures. Danny has a crush on Tommy's sister Sara but won't admit it to his friends.

Peyton List as Tina Wilson - The prettiest girl in the ghost hunting detective agency and the older sister of Tracy. She is an arrogant teenage girl who doesn't have that much interest in ghouls but does it to be like her best friend, Jill Morgan. Tina is a wealthy, gorgeous, and spoiled teenage girl but is a supporting protagonist in the television series and is sometimes really friendly towards her friends. Tina is the leader of the cheerleading squad at Oak City Middle School.

Season 1 Edit

Episode Title Description
Tall, Dark, and Green During the beginning of summer vacation, A local boy named Tommy Jacobs moves to a small neighborhood in Oak City, Maine where he makes new friends who are a group of pre teens ghost hunters. Then Tommy notices a large metal barrel in his backyard and thinks something is not right. The first night he is at his new house, he heard noises coming from his backyard and then the next day the plants in his mother's flower beds grow larger and larger then start to grab Tommy. That day he sees the metal barrel wide open and something half man made out of green plants, vines, and slime emerges from the barrel and the creature turns Oak City into a large flower bed. Tommy helps his new friends take down the plant creature before the whole world turn into the worlds largest garden.
Who's Afraid of The Big Bad Werewolf Tommy is exceited that full moon week is coming up which is 7 nights of the full moon. Meanwhile, Tina's mother got a new plant for her flower bed and ever since she got it, Tomy felt funny and alittle woozy around the plant. Tommy finds out that the plant is wolf bane. Then Tommy notices hair growing on his arms and legs, his teeth are sharper then before, and his fingernails are growing really fast. Then when he wakes up with his clothes torn up and his breath tastes like deers. He tells his friends about it and they stay up all night to find out what is up with Tommy. Is he turning into a large hairy werewolf at night, is he?
The Scarecrows Doesn't Scare Crows Tommy and Sara goes to his uncle Henry, aunt Melissa, and two younger cousin's farmhouse which is two cities away from Oak City for a few days. During their first night at their house, they feel like someone is watching them in the cornfield. Then Tommy sees a wired looking scarecrow with a burlap sack mask, a brown hat covering it's head, brown overcoat, a torn up collared shirt, dark pants, and hunting boots while holding a scythe in one of it's hands and two holes carved out of the burlap sack. Then the next morning Tommy finds crop circles plowed in the cornfield and then noticed the scarecrow was hanging in a different angle. Then the 3rd day they were there, Tommy starts to investigate the strange crop circles and what are the scarecrows looking for.
The Phantom of The Orchestra The Mayor of Oak City is shutting down Oak City Orchestra is because they think it is haunted by the ghost of a musician who wears a black fedora, black cape, black blazer, black pants, black shoes, black string tie, white collared button up long sleeved shirt, white gloves, and a white mask that covers the left side of his face because he died from a tragic fire in the Orchestra 200 years ago. They gang needs to solve the mystery so the phantom's haunting days are over.
When A  Stranger Stalks When Tommy invites Devan, Jill, Tina Billy, and Danny over for a sleepover Tommy starts getting strange calls from someone that says "where am I". Then Tommy notices a Carmen Sandiego looking woman stalking around the neighborhood and the wierd thing is that the woman was eating squrilles, saying a wierd language while looking at the sky, she has the power of levetation, and her blood was dripping the color blue. Tommy has to find out if she is even from around here or even a species from the earth.
Curse of The Snow Witch Jill signs up for the public play "The Snow Queen" where she plays The Snow Queen herself but during a nice cool Autumn day the cool day turns into a snowy blizzard. Jill and her friends find out that a large ice castle was formed in town square and the person that lived in the Ice Castle is a witch that has long black hair her skin is pale white and is dressed in a white sparkly robe cloak, a crown made of ice, and a staff that gives her all her powers to turn everything cold. The Snow Witch is out to turn Jill's soul into a cold atmosphere and hypnotize her to her forever slave. The gang has to turn the town warm unless they want to turn Jill back to her warm-hearted self.
Do You Believe in Ghosts On a nice and non chatoic Friday, Devan's father gets a strange mirror from an antique store and he think's it looks wierd and creepy. Devan decides to show it to his friends and then finds out when his ather hung up the mirror in the attic, his father and father all disapeared ever since they bought the mirror. Tommy thinks that a ghost took them but Devan's little brother and little sister doesnt believe in ghosts. Then the gang finds out that Tommy is right because a ghost emerges from the mirror and takes Devan and his friends to the mirror dimension where the have to find Devan's parents and find a way out before they get trapped.
The Green Blob That Floods Oak City During a nice and quiet Saturday, Tommy hears about something large and green lurking in the sewers while him and his friends are having a pizza eating, scary movie watching, and ghost story telling sleepover. While Tommy's friends are sleeping and telling stories Tommy decides to sneak out of his house into the sewers to look for the lurking boogeyman. Then Tommy finds out that a large green blob that grows larger and larger every minute is planning to flood and devouer Oak City so it is up to Tommy to stop the blob before it eats the city and then his whole friends and family.
 The Horror of Salty Lake When it is Sunday, Tommy, Devan, and Jill go walking in the woods so they could do something for the last day of the weekend. While walking in the woods, they see an isolated and clean watered lake where it looks perfect to go swimming and fishing. They decide to stay at the lake and go swimming for a while but they start to see something lurking underneath the lake. Then during the night, they hear sinister shrieks surronding the lake. Then find out that the lake is haunted by a banshee ghost who can appear and emerg from a wierdly colored fog and kidnaps who ever finds the lake. Tommy, Devan, and Jill have to stop the banshee ghost before she takes them away to Salty Dimension where all the mortals that find Salty Lake go.
Invasion of The Fish Mutants Tommy and Devan's science teacher, Mr. Farley adopts 5 Piranha fish for pets. Meanwhile, Mr. Farley is making and working on a antidote that will turn any animal into half man half animal. One day when school is over Mr. Farley accidently spills the antidote in the fish bowl where his pets piranhas are. Then the Piranhas grow legs, grow arms, and their teeth get sharper. Then Devan and Tommy were sent to the school during the night by the fish mutants and are trapped inside the school so it's up to Tommy and Devan have to stop the fish mutants before the populate the whole world with Fish Mutants.