Season 1Edit

1 What's Up In The Attic? 2031 1-1

After Jamie's grandmother dies and after going over her will she gives the house to Jamie's parents and they move in. However, Jamie begins to notice that people are going missing such as her new teacher, her neighbor and the two trouble making twin boys across the street. But one night Jamie hears something. Something strange. Strange growling noises coming from the attic.

2 Do You Believe In Ghost? 2031 1-2

Kate just moved a big mansion-like house. It's the most perfect place to live in the world. But everything has it's price when Kate discovers that the house has a dark history. That fifty years before a young girl was murdered by her babysitter who hates children while her parents were running errands and that her spirit still haunts the house. But there's something missing the from the story, because poor Kate for she doesn't believe in ghost until she comes face to face with the ghost herself. She comes with a warning that her killer is close to Kate. Closer then she thinks and she may be the next victim. 

3 Cry Of The Dead 2031 1-3

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